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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Current interests, part 1

The Kowloon Walled City: I hadn't heard of this place (it is no longer in existence, for better or worse) till today, and quite honestly I'm fascinated. Virtually any fan of Sci Fi, Fantasy, and, of course, Steampunk, is well acquainted with the trope of a slum, often walled off from an otherwise perfectly respectable city, where the buildings have grown so out of control that people walking around at the ground level can't actually see the sky, where police refuse to go into unless
in force, and wbere one can go from one side of the place to the other without ever needing to touch the ground. Whether it's the Narrows of Batman Begins, the Infinite Fortress from Getbackers, or the Raft from Snow Crash, the trope is EVERYWHERE. And, as I discovered today, there was, once upon a time, just such a place in reality. That place was the Kowloon Walled City. Look it up. It's kinda weirdly awesome.

Merimask: Expo time is creeping up on me again, and as such it's time for me to buy a new mask for the masquerade ball. So, as I have in the past, I turn to Merimask. This supremely talented mask-maker has been putting out some truly gorgeous new designs, including this particularly lovely specimen that I'm salivating over. The mask was inspired by the Greek god Hermes. And is uber expensive. But, my god, I just may starve myself so that I can buy it.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Yeah, I know. Me and everyone else. Honestly, though, if you get into the book or see the (ORIGINAL SWEDISH) movie, and cannot be just a *little* enamored of Lisbeth Salander and the sheer level of badass she embodies, I suggest you go hide under whatever sheltered rock you came out from under and stay there.
Rasputina: This band has obviously been around for quite a long time, and I’d heard about them in passing, but only recently did I start listening to them, and I’ve become very fond of the music.
Red Riding Hood: Yes, it’s directed by the same woman who did Twilight, but it looks so pretty….and it has Gary Oldman….and whatever you say about the Twilight films, the issue with them is more inherent in the source material than the actual direction. That and Kristen Stewart seriously needs to wake up fully before she opens her mouth. And Robert Pattinson needs a bath.


  1. Fun stuff.

    That mask is very cool (I may have to look up the designer and see what else they offer).

    I haven't listened to Rasputina for a while, but they do have a fun sound.

    And yes, I'm a little nervous about the "Twilight" relation to "Red Riding Hood", but I still think it looks like an enjoyable movie and I plan to see it...though possibly on video for Halloween. ;)

  2. @Okie

    Merimask is utterly brilliant and wonderful. I had my fox mask (you can see it in my Halloween photos from 2009) custom made by the her, and it's super comfy and prtty. The one thing to be careful of if you're ordering a custom mask is to make sure you don't do so during a busy season (i.e. Halloween. Thankfully the custom elements of my mask were just color changes, not the overall design, so she took the order.)

    Hopefully I'll be seeing Red Riding Hood tomorrow, and I may do a blog-based mini review on it. Heck, if I find steampunk elements, I'll give it a youtube review.