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Friday, December 11, 2009

See Victoria run. See Victoria slip, fall, and skid down the ice like it's January in Falias.

Winter's finally here, and, frankly, I'm not sure what I think of that. I like the cold. I enjoy the fact that it let's me wear my long coats and heavier outfits without perspiring or expiring from heatstroke. The issue with the winter where I currently reside is a (bad) habit of the climate, which is to snow several times preceding the onset of true winter, each time ending with the snow melting. Then the temperature drops like a newborn elephant, meaning all the water floating around on the surface freezes into a thin layer of the most vicious ice you will ever come across. It's slick as hell, often has sharp edges, is blackened from soil and ashphalt, and enjoys (if ice can experience pleasure) lying in wait for passersby, (like myself) who are in a hurry because it's bloody freezing outside, to send us sprawling. It's practically in one's best interest to wear crampons, and during this period there's usually an upswing of people heading to Health Services with bloody noses, cracked skulls, and other 'sneaky bastard ice' related injuries. As suggested before, I've fallen over several times, as I'm still getting my 'ice legs' back, but I've experienced no major trauma other than bruised pride.

In other news, the 'big buy' was decided on - the black bustle coat - purchased, and has arrived. It's quite gorgeous, and I've already recieved several compliments, the most charming being from a girl I don't even know who described the coat as 'frill-tacular'. I'm eager to wear it upon my return home, especially in conjunction with my favorite hat. Said return home weighs heavily on my mind these days. I catch myself day-dreaming of my mom's cooking and the delights of a bed with full box springs. I'll be seeing my three best friends as well, and we have plans to shop, dine, and promenade all over the place. I also intend to stuff myself like last month's turkey on all the edible delights I miss while at school, including such things as gumbo, sushi, and as much Lebanese food as I can feasibly digest.

Before I go home, however, I have to negotiate the landmine of Finals Week. I thankfully get the two worst ones out of my way in one fell swoop, so at least that's an upshot.

I'm also glad that everyone liked the vlog - I will probably be doing more in future, especially when I find myself strapped for time.

Safe flying, airship pilots!

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