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I am the creator of steampunk reviews, a woman in love with history, mystery, and the fine things of life, though not necessarily in that order. As a self-styled aristocrat, I've aimed to cultivate an old world (real or constructed via movies being irrelevant to me) sense of elegance and taste, and have been going to great lengths to fulfill that goal. It is my aim to live a life that is enjoyable, rather than one obsessed with being 'perfectly good for me in every way'.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Epic wins and fails

I’m sad to say, dear readers, that this upcoming week’s review will not be about 9, now. This weekend I’m going to be occupied going to a production of The Phantom of the Opera, and I won’t have time to get to a movie theater. I will instead be reviewing the book Whitechapel Gods, and this review will be unique in that it is the first time I will ever be reviewing something I really hate, as opposed to any of my other episodes which were generally positive or at least balanced the negativity, as in my double jeopardy episode. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but rest assured that Whitechapel Gods is going to get shredded.

And while I’m on the topic of reviews, allow me to say how happy I am that my Atlantis review has 91 views and counting! It’s racking up views extremely quickly, and on examination of the stats I’ve realized that this is due to the immensely helpful Dr. Fabre, who picked up on me when I first began making reviews and posts them on his blog, The Voyages of Dr. Fabre. So I’d like to give a little shout out to him and thank him for posting my videos! :D

On an equally positive note I’ve finally gotten confirmation that my BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) order has shipped, and the timing couldn’t be better, since I begin my Hellboy reviews in October and one of the perfumes I purchased is from BPAL’s new Hellboy line of perfumes. To be more specific, I purchased the Kroenen scent, as I’ve always been a bit of a fan of that gas-mask wearing lunatic.

I also urge any and all of my readers to send me suggestions for things to review. I can’t guarantee when I’ll get to each and every request, but rest assured that they will get used eventually. As mentioned, my email is countesscrow@gmail.com, so go right ahead and email me some ideas, or else leave me comments for the same reason. I promise not to bite, though I can’t say the same for some of the Lovecraftian monsters that populate my place.

And speaking of Lovecraft, I’m happy to say that I’m soon to begin writing a Steampunk novel that has a lot of tentacles and things that come out of the sea in it. Does it feature Cthulhu? No. Does it feature octopus men? You bet it does. I may post bits of it here as time goes by, hopefully for your delectation and delight (mmm….calamari.)

No news on whom I’ve been saddled with as far as a freshman, and as time has gone by I’ve begun to allow myself the luxury of hope in the case. She might turn out to be a budding mad scientist who I can lead down the gear and oil path of Steampunk. She might just be an awesome nerdy type who, even if she is not Steampunk, can appreciate my weirdness. I’m just trying to look on the bright side, right now. *Cues up Monty Python’s ‘Always Look On the Bright Side’*

Safe flying, airship pilots!

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